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Garry Gross The Woman In The Child




In 1975, a vignette entitled "Girl Power!" appeared in an issue of The New York Times Sunday Magazine that included an advertisement for Schrafft's ice cream in which a young girl was portrayed as a three-dimensional flesh and blood person. Written by former Joan Baez manager Gross Garry, it paid homage to the girl as a symbol for the movement's concerns, including the nuclear freeze and the arms race. Garry, a self-proclaimed feminist, was the author of the bestselling memoir of Joan's mother, Judy, who was a free-spirited young singer in New York City in the 1940s. Garry recounted in the ad her early work for Joan Baez and how she recruited Joan's mother to work for the young singer's career. The Joan Baez ad appeared with a photograph of Judy at the age of 22 and was accompanied by the text: "My mother was my friend and Joan Baez's. She changed my life, but it was Joan's music that changed her life." The New York Times Sunday Magazine Date: Aug 24, 1975 Street: N.E. 25th St. Source: Art & Auction "The Joan Baez Book," 1975. (Joan Baez) The design is a simple pull quote set in reverse typeface. The photograph shows Joan at the age of 22, in a period when she was wearing a white shirtwaist, pearls and a black flat-brimmed hat. Behind her and to the right, her parents, Joan's father, John Baez, and her mother, Judy, stand. Judy stands directly to the right of the camera, her right hand on her hip. She is flanked by a black and white striped shirt. The pull quote is set in reverse type and is stylized. It reads: "My mother was my friend and Joan Baez's. She changed my life, but it was Joan's music that changed her life." Published in 1975, Gross Garry's book was an autobiographical account of Joan Baez's mother, Judy. In the book, Judy discussed her life in New York City with her friend and future husband, musician John Baez. Judy later married John in 1956 and went on to have a daughter, Susie, with John in 1960. Gross Garry stated in the book that she wanted to show what it was like to grow up with "a beautiful child who not only had talent, but who




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